Quick Q&A sheet
What is virtual D.J ?
– Virtual D.J is simply a very tiny webpage that links to internet radio feeds
How can i use it?
– Virtual D.J is free to use you simply have to use the hyper link below to point to it from your web page
How can i customise this tiny web page?
– We will do it for you if you buy an item from our online store but we will leave a tiny image that links to our site
– You can also rip our .html file and customise it yourself ( we wont help you but we have nothing against it )
What can we change ?
– Everything ! remember Virtual D.J is simply a very tiny web page.
– But this is not about leeching off internet radio streams tho , you will HAVE to clearly state were the feeds are from.
– You will have to invite people to support the source of the feeds you are using. ( image logo, text , link )
– You can create your own audio streams using shoutcast
What is it good for ?
– Have your web page music enabled in one easy step, make your webpage more enjoyable, push things foward.
– Since its only a link to a html file we host , every version updates will require no effort from you whatsoever.
What are future plans for this “device” ?
– If response from radio stations is positive we will develop a full fledge flash version with tons of stations ( automatic update )