Free hosting for the web page we design *
If you need any of the following internet related services contact us.
 Promotional webpages or others
 Add better graphics to your webpage
 Add music or sounds on your webpage
 Add animated sequence or items
* Free Subdomain hosting includes
 www.yoursite.dakurv.com & www.dakurv.com/yoursite
 20 megs or less hosting ( Thats about 40 pages or more depending on content )
 2 gigs of monthly transfert ( 4.95$ per addionatial gigs )
* Or get your own domain and more for 7.95$ monthly*
 1 gig of storage
 100 gigs of monthly bandwith
 Unlimited email adresses
 Unlimited subdomains
 Excellent array of webmaster tools for free
 See detailed stats on your webpage usage and clients/visitors statistics
Give me more informations on hosting plans.


* in the case we have to terminate the free hosting offer we will advise you 6 months in advance.
– but our plan is to grow and be able offer even more for free.